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Coaching is a thinking partnership.

As a coach, I offer you curiosity and creative challenge to promote deep thinking about your current situation. I trust that you hold the answers to your own problems and by asking you artful questions, you discover your solutions. 

We do not delve into the past as you might in therapy, although we sometimes use your past experiences to educate your future ones. I do not offer you solutions, answers or suggestions as you might expect in a mentoring relationship. Instead, coaching holds space for you to generate really powerful thinking that is led by you, for you. 



The quality of your coaching experience is based on the quality of your relationship with your coach.

If the quality of your relationship with your coach is key, let me tell you a little bit about myself and what you may expect in coaching sessions with me. 

I am a woman, wife, mum and step-mum. I hold these roles in high regard and am proud of all of the resources that I pour into them. As a business owner and coach, I often find juggling life's demands quite overwhelming and so I find ways to prioritise myself, in order that I have a full cup to pour.

My previous career was as an actress and I found success on television in programmes such as Peaky Blinders (BBC), The A Word (BBC) and Ackley Bridge (C4). I also founded and ran a theatre school for 5 years, facilitated drama workshops and coached people in performance confidence. 

Many of the skills that I acquired as an actress and drama facilitator, I now bring into my coaching work, such as;

  • Empathy and inclusion

  • Listening without judgement

  • Observation

  • Confidence and self-esteem*

  • Critical awareness

  • Collaboration

  • Character analysis

  • Concentration and focus

*Confidence and self-esteem is of particular interest to me in my coaching work, predominantly because it is so subjective. I found that many people assumed I was a confident woman because I could perform a Shakespeare play, take rejection well and hobnob with television bigwigs. That confidence was not my confidence, it was merely a confidence; a confidence borrowed and mimicked so that I appeared to be who people expected me to be. 

Now, I have found a comfortable confidence. It is a confidence that is mine and mine alone. It is based on my worth and values and it is non-negotiable. It is my belief that when we discover this comfortable confidence, decision-making becomes simpler, negotiating the juggle becomes swifter and your boundaries become firmer yet kinder. This is what I hope I can help many women access too.

My style of coaching is empathetic, energised and compassionate and my desire is that you leave each session feeling stronger, clearer and lighter.


It makes total sense that you may want to try out a coaching session before committing to working together. That is why I offer a FREE Discovery Call so that we can discover how we fit in a coaching partnership and you can ask any questions about what to expect during the process.

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