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Promoting self-curiosity and development through


Actively exploring the self with a small group of like-minded women can boost confidence, promote deeper connection and the discoveries can be incredibly profound.

Each workshop offers a discovery of the self in various ways; The Individual Self focusses on you and your unique story, The Relational Self offers techniques in protecting and respecting your boundaries in relationships and The Collective Self inquires into the roles you play in everyday life and how well they serve you.


All workshops are led by Gemma and aim to motivate change through bespoke practical exercises in a safe, welcoming and creative environment.

The Individual Self:

Your story is the most interesting one you have to tell and is your most powerful tool of connection. This workshop offers a safe space for you craft your origin story and learn performance techniques to communicate it.

This workshop asks;

  • What world were you born into and when?

  • What drives you?

  • Who have you met and what have people taught you?

  • What have you achieved and overcome?

  • What does your next chapter look like and how do you get there?

There is no greater joy than connecting through story and there is no greater courage than sharing your own. 

In this workshop we;

  • Celebrate your achievements

  • Define your character

  • Build comfortable self confidence

  • Discover your authentic voice

  • Rehearse how to own your physical presence


  • Learn skills to instantly connect with an audience.

The Relational Self:

The Relational Self workshop offers a safe space for you to explore and rehearse your personal boundaries with a small group of women.

  • Do you accept responsibilities that aren't yours?

  • Do you find yourself saying 'yes' when really you mean 'no'?

  • Do you forfeit your own needs to please others?

  • Do you find yourself agreeing with someone to avoid conflict?

  • Do you find yourself wondering why your voice isn't heard?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then it sounds like some boundaries need to be set. Boundary setting can be daunting but this workshop will give you the confidence to dig deep and discover the strength to protect your core values and worth in your relationships. 


In this workshop you will:

  • learn breath-work to support self-belief and inner-strength

  • gain voice skills to help you express yourself clearly and freely.

  • be given the unique opportunity to create personal boundary scripts

  • rehearse your boundary scripts with group members and with direction from CÓRE Coach Gemma.

The Collective Self:

​The Collective Self workshop offers you the opportunity to explore your social behaviour.  Through group role play we discover what your behaviours could be saying to the world and rehearse varying alternatives and workshop the outcomes.

We also experiment with how other peoples' energies and personalities might affect our own and how to stay authentic and true to your core values and needs in these given circumstances. 

The workshop is broken down into 3 sections;


  1. Define and refine your values and needs.

  2. Discover the behavioural impact you have on others and how other behaviour affects yours. This section unlocks the power of your voice; looking at the language you use, your tone of voice and convergence / divergence i.e. how you adapt your voice, accent and volume in different social settings.

  3. Rehearse alternative behaviours and outcomes.

In the workshop you will also;

  • explore breath, posture and self-awareness through core exercises,

  • discover how to hold your physical power by observing and adjusting your body language,

  • rehearse how to feel comfortable confidence in social encounters,

  • express yourself clearly and openly with bespoke voice work.


Workshops take place at Studio 17, Heaton Mersey. 


Studio 17 is a beautiful, open space for you to explore your Relational and Collective Self with others. It is located here


There are yoga mats for you to use, along with cushions and blankets should they be required.


Please bring your own refreshments and take all your rubbish home with you.


It is recommended that you always wear loose, comfortable clothing to our workshops and wear shoes that are easy to remove. You will be working in socks or bare feet.

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