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£85 / session
£950 / 3 months weekly sessions
£500 / 3 months biweekly sessions
£55 / Follow-on sessions

CÓRE 1:1 Coaching offers you a safe but active space to explore and rehearse your authentic, confident self.

Gemma challenges your thinking and encourages you to move beyond your false self-limits and offers you the time and space to keep you at the top of your list of priorities.

Discover your confidence, assertiveness and resilience and creatively devise small-step goals to re-invigorate and refresh your whole perspective on life.


It is recommended that client's partake in at least 3 months worth of weekly sessions with monthly re-visits thereafter to keep you on track.

The work that we do at CÓRE is much like gym training but for the mind and soul - you wouldn't expect to get fit after one or two fitness classes, would you? Achieving your goals, challenging self-limiting beliefs and building core confidence is not a quick fix.


Are you really ready to make this commitment to re-motivate your life, take ownership of yourself, your behaviours and needs and put in the work to become the best version of you?

Why not book in for a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call first? That way we can chat through your needs, get to know each other a little and decide if we are a good fit for each other. It has to be right. You have to feel comfortable working with me vulnerably and commit fully to the process.


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The impact of your given circumstances on your beliefs and patterns.



Refining your core values and rehearsing how to align yourself to them.



Defining your needs in relationships and roleplaying how to boundary and assert them with comfortable confidence.



Discovering the roles you play in everyday life and deciding if they serve you. Deciding where you want your energy to go and to who?



What do you want and how are you going to get it? Devising creative, small step processes to achieve your goals.

Hello, I am the founder of CÓRE. I am also a woman, a mum and step-mum, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a coach, a director and my worth is non-negotiable. 

I was an actress for over 20 years and have facilitated drama workshops for almost as long. I am also founder of Levy Little Theatre which is a theatre company in Levenshulme which aims to bring the community together through drama.

I love stories.

That is why I loved acting for so long. I was telling stories, listening to stories, creating stories; but I had de-prioritised my story.

I was playing a character in other peoples' stories and hadn’t realised that I could step into the limelight of my own. 

I decided to put the same effort into me as I put into the characters I played.

Meticulously I would examine my characters' given circumstances, their objectives, the things they said about themselves, what others said about them, their likes, dislikes, relationships…


So, what if I did the same for me?

And so the process of developing an accessible and relatable rehearsal of the self began. 


Whilst studying psychology, I became incredibly excited by the crossover between acting and psychology and knew that there was a way of using the two together to help people to define their true selves. 

I have carefully blended the two disciplines in order to promote authenticity in everyday life and this one-of-a-kind method is absolutely accessible for all.

This unique 1-1 coaching experience holds so much value for every individual looking to explore and rehearse ways of living your authentic self on a daily basis.



  • Bretton Hall, 2003, BA HONS Theatre Acting

  • Oxbridge, 2021, Level 3 in Psychology

  • Oxbridge, 2023, Level 3 in Life Coaching

  • Barefoot Coaching 2024, PG Cert ICF in Personal and Business Coaching


"By using my years of acting experience along with my passion to help women live authentically, I developed an accessible and relatable process to rehearse the self."

My office is in Heaton Mersey, Manchester.


I will be there to greet you into the space and we will always begin with a grounding chat and check-in.

There is a yoga mat here for you to use for any floor work and a glass of water but you are welcome to bring your own if you would rather.


It is recommended that you always wear loose, comfortable clothing to our sessions and wear shoes that are easy to remove. You will be working in socks or bare feet.

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