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Coaching women to know their worth, own their values and discover their purpose so that they feel comfortable to live confidently.


"My purpose is to coach as many women and young women as possible into their Comfortable Confidence.


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My passion is to help women find their comfortable confidence, but what does that mean in real terms?

Comfortable Confidence is a term coined by me; it is not a special brand of coaching, nor is it motivational speaker jargon. I found myself using the term often with clients and it has become the foundation of all of my coaching work. 

Confidence means many different things to many women. To some it is being able to stand on stage and perform Shakespeare, to others it is being able to leave their house with less anxiety than usual. We may perceive a woman to be confident in the exact same moment when she is feeling excruciating social discomfort.

We all possess intrinsic confidence which is inextricably linked with self-worth. If we believe in our worth, believe in ourselves, believe in our strengths, we are confident. Sometimes this self-belief is in excess which tips confidence into arrogant and selfish behaviours. Other times confidence is in lack and life is not lived to its full potential, self-doubt takes over, situations are avoided, so as to keep hidden and small. 

So where is the happy medium? 

This is where Comfortable Confidence comes in. It is the Goldilocks zone of confidence. Not too much, not too little but just right. And by right, I mean right for you. Not someone else's idea of confident, but yours. You see, if confidence is linked with self worth and self worth is based on your strengths, values, beliefs, circumstances, challenges, relationships and needs - then how can we even attempt to deem what confidence 'should be' for anyone but ourselves?

This is why coaching as many women and young women into their unique confidence serves as a through-line to all of my coaching work. As a qualified ICF coach you can rely on my integrity and credibility and with a background in acting and drama facilitation, you can rely on my creativity and empathy as you navigate your challenges and achieve your goals through coaching.

Comfortable Confidence is CÓRE and I would love to assist you on your journey to discover the confidence that feels comfortable for you. You can live your life confidently.

Being in your Comfortable Confidence means you can:​


  • Set boundaries to protect your needs and values with ease

  • Say no, kindly yet confidently

  • Prioritise your needs amidst the constant 'juggle' of life

  • Nurture authentic relationships

  • Apply for jobs as the best version of you

  • Advocate for yourself in the workplace

  • Make decisions quicker and easier

  • Remain rooted during life changes and upheaval

  • Teach your children how to live in Comfortable Confidence



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Group workshops for women to promote Comfortable Confidence, healthy communication and self-awareness.


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